Sunday, 12 June 2011

BBC Radio 4 Broadcasting House Sunday 12 June 2011

UXB Malta,S. A. M. Hudson, ISBN 9780752456355, published by History Press 2010. Available from, and from all leading booksellers.

“I climbed up to where the bomb was and lay down beside it. Then I took my rake and was scraping away gently to find the fuze. Then suddenly the bomb fell, right in front of my eyes…I died.

I was expecting it to explode - and it didn't.

It bounced across the road and it the ground again. I died again.

And then it rolled...across the ground. And with each roll it could go off. And it didn't.

I look upon myself as being very lucky that day."

Former Royal Engineers bomb disposal officer George Carroll, 93, talks about his World War 2 experiences to Radio 4's Paddy O'Connell. In a moving interview he reveals for the first time the true effect of tackling hundreds of unexploded bombs and his diagnosis of PTSD in 2009. Lt Carroll served in the blitz on London and then for over a year in Malta, including four months of intensive bombardment when the Island became 'the most bombed place on earth'.

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