Monday, 10 January 2011

UXB Malta is Editor's Choice, Britain at War Magazine December 2010

Britain at War Editor Martin Mace has chosen UXB Malta as his feature of the month in the latest issue of the magazine. Five pages of photographs and extracts from the book highlight the challenges faced by Malta's handful of Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal men during World War Two. Their achievements are set in the context of round-the-clock bombardment by a determined Luftwaffe, who flew over 9,500 sorties against the Island in one month alone as part of a continuous 154 days of air raids (compared to 57 days of the London Blitz.

The article also focuses on the exploits of Lt George Carroll, Bomb Disposal Officer for Malta at the height of the siege, who served continuously through the toughest months of the bombing, working through over 2,000 alerts. Lt Carroll's memories are among the many personal stories collected by the author in what is a remarkable story of human achievement.

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